We aim to set the standard.

Our core objective is to develop an algorithm that delivers real-time, high-integrity pricing indices.

FTSO Network Example

How we’ll participate in the network.

High-Integrity Signals

We’ll provide high-integrity pricing indices signals to the Flare Network to maintain the purity of the network.

Build Tools

We’ll build tools to help the community vote, delegate, and automate their participation within the network.

Decentralized Exchange

We plan to build a decentralized exchange to make participating in the network a seamless process.

Operate Nodes/Validators

We plan to operate nodes/validators for chains ($XRP, $DOGE, $LTC, etc.) that are participating in the network.

Social Presence.



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(coming soon)

FTSO: Flare Time Series Oracle Signal Provider Icon

Coming soon.

We’re building a globally available FTSO service and we’re coming soon. Follow us on Twitter and sign up for email notifications below.